Loryma Ingredients GmbH, part of the Crespel & Deiters Group, is a producer of natural raw materials which we refine into highly functional products and systems for the food industry with the accent on: texture, stability and taste.

We think: It is in our common interest to take responsibility to provide enough nourishing food for everyone. In the long run, the meat industry and traditional agriculture cannot supply the steadily growing needs of the world population. New products must be added to the present foods Ingredients for unlimited opportunities.

It is our vision to make food using industrial processes and to secure its availability globally. Loryma systems and compounds, based on highly functional raw materials of our own making, offer not only a delicious alternative to meat but a way to support worldwide nutrition.

With our high level of competence in products, development and consultancy, we help the food industry to respond to trends. Currently, we are focusing on targeted solutions for vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

Additionaly optimization in raw material purchasing and associated warehousing costs as well as a higher production yield can be achieved by using our functional products.

The taste of quality and innovation.

Loryma Ingredients contribute with texture, stability and taste to almost every industrial foodstuff. In doing so, we build on our decade-long expertise and an extensive recipe collection. With efficient compounds and functional raw materials, we help to optimize production processes and to complement the convenience food portfolio of the entire food industry. 

Utilizing dry mixtures we can meet changing market needs in the fine foods sector and develop solutions for innovative ranges of ideas. Natural wheat proteins not only promote the flavour profile of baked goods’ production but contribute to a fine, fresh taste and stability. The Loryma-System with TruTex® is revolutionizing the production of vegetarian and vegan products. The exclusive textured wheat protein also supplies products with essential vegetable-based proteins and replicates the texture of meat in the process. 

Whether vegetarian/vegan “beef, chicken or fish”: we ensure optimal firmness to the bite, shape and colour. This source of protein-enrichment is especially suitable for muesli, cereals, salty snacks or sweet delicacies.

Loryma gives you more texture, stability and taste.



Our history.

Germany 1976: Young party-goers dance to Boney M and Abba. The “hits” on the buffet table are gourmet salads, mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard – one of the special fields of Loryma Ingredients GmbH, which was founded in the same year.

In 2001 the company became part of the Crespel & Deiters Group, one of Europe’s leading wheat starch producers. Although today an international global player, our parent company has always been a medium-sized family business, which is now in the hands of the fifth generation. Our daily activities are characterized by respect and responsibility. Not to forget: our respect to nature. In her precious resources lies not only the future of our company, but of all mankind.

Passionate about wheat.

The association of Crespel & Deiters with wheat goes back over 150 years, and has formed deep roots into the fifth generation of the family business. The primary strength of the group is defined by its great innovative capacity from which a continuous stream of trendsetting developments originates. Having always the latest demands, new tasks and multiple applications of our clients at heart, the Crespel & Deiters Group is developing customized solutions for the food and non-food sectors. Loryma, as part of the group, is responsible for the food sector and is a partner in the food industry.

Attentively, proactive, swift. The Three Hares, the trademark of Crespel & Deiters, symbolize the speed to respond to challenges and the close affinity to nature. They are a sign of our strength and stability, and consideration for others.

Total commitment. We feel duty-bound to our customers, our staff and the environment. The respect and passion for wheat drives our business practices throughout the group. We reward the above-average motivation of our staff with secure employment and a great deal of social engagement. Client proximity is based on high standards of quality and innovation. This responsibility forms the sustainability in all we do.


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